Articel on Material Music and the Bassline Sculpture in Digital Production Magazine, 3/2010

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Klangform 1F


Essential knowledge about the Mothership, Dr. Funkenstein, Parliament and the Funk – major influences on my work.

JHH on drums


Dropping some beats on my favorite instrument – the Roland VDrums, a digital drumset.

Shadow Screen


Shadows of a music sculpture from passing cars on the streets on a translucent glas screen, WHIST Office, Zurich 2008. Music by Jan Henrik Hansen.

SOM Facade

06.11.2010 of a rhythmically perforated facade for a private house in Zurich. In collaboration with WHIST Architects. Execution 2011.


Amazing work by Alex Roman : a fully modelled and rendered short film of extraordinary mood and quality. Enjoy !