For the Badminton Hall in Langnau am Albis, Switzerland, designed by Jan Henrik Hansen Architects, the studio contributed a musically informed railing.

Six characteristic types of hits in the game of Badminton have been represented as curves and overlayed for two staircase railings in the Badmintonhalle Langnau. In their repetition they form a motive representing the uncountable hits of the badminton shuttle and the diversity of the game, while at the same time satisfying all legal regulations for railings.

In order not to use random values for the repetition, variation and placement of the six curves, a piece of music as well as an in-house programmed script were used. The parameters of the music notes are translated into the properties and positions of the curves and change according to the dramatics of the music. The resulting pattern is a side-view of the 3-dimensionally arranged curves and has been cut from 8 mm steel using a cnc-machine.

Besides an aesthetic value, the railing could be realized for a lower cost than the originally planned full-metal version due to the reduction in weight, which did not require specialized heavy equipment for installation.