On the occasion of the nomination of the project for the Aga Khan Award 2016 we have created a short film to illuminate the background and concept of the project.

The Arab Regional Center for World Heritage, Bahrain – short documentation of concept and background of the project. from Studio Jan Henrik Hansen on Vimeo.

Work in Progress


This film shows a drum solo before Jojo Mayer’s speech on Music and Architecture at the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel, January 2010.

He played several solos that evening before and after his talk – more can be seen here.

A transformation of a drum beat into space, documenting work behind the sculptures and collaborations for architecture.

A film by Jan Henrik Hansen, 2009.

Essential knowledge about the Mothership, Dr. Funkenstein, Parliament and the Funk – major influences on my work.

JHH on drums


Dropping some beats on my favorite instrument – the Roland VDrums, a digital drumset.

Shadow Screen


Shadows of a music sculpture from passing cars on the streets on a translucent glas screen, WHIST Office, Zurich 2008. Music by Jan Henrik Hansen.

Amazing work by Alex Roman : a fully modelled and rendered short film of extraordinary mood and quality. Enjoy !

Transformation of Beethoven’s Pathetique into a minimal cubic space notation.